Sara Kondert
Interpreter and Translator

General Information

Name: Sara Kondert
Phone: +43 (0) 664 750 373 16

Hi, my name is Sara Kondert

and I translate/interprate the languages German, Persian, Farsi, Dari, Pashto, Urdu and Hindi
I'm born and grown up in Afghanistan, had visited a high academic school in Kabul and finished the school with an excelent pass of the final exam. In the year 1998 I came to Austria, and attended the pre-study programm and started afterwards the studies of law.
My work as Interpreter I started in the year 2001. At the beginning of my Interpreting work I worked for social organisations, afterwards I started working for a translation agency (mostly for judical and police questioning) and since 2008 I worked as a freelancer for Asylum offices in Graz and Linz and since 2009 for the processing point for asylum in Thalham.
For a period of two years I also worked for a youth welfare office as Interpreter and Integration helper. For one semester I worked as a teacher (german as foreign language) for the social institute called Volkshilfe.